Sketch to Final - Sensory Deprivation Tank

Recent illustration for Midwest Living Magazine. The focus of the article was on the health benefits of sensory deprivation tanks. Here's my process from sketch to final.

I created three variations on the theme. The art director chose the second sketch, the one in the middle. I liked that one, too. 

To save time, I will often print out my sketch at twice the size and trace over it in layers. This way I'm not redrawing the same image and I can focus more on the quality of my lines and mark making. 

I draw the big shapes of my illustration by hand with graphite, acrylic paint or marker. This gives my illustration a hand drawn feel and texture so I won't have any flat shapes or harsh digital lines or shapes. 

Drew Bardana - Fit Five Final - Cool Cool.jpg

This is the final image with all the pieces put together and some paint texture overlays (see my previous post on paint textures). I was asked to present a few color variations. I was happy to have a small amount of layers so I could easily edit the colors. This version was my favorite.