Sketch to Final - Speaking Design

This is a recent set of illustrations I created for Facebook UX Research Group on The article was about how it is crucial for a UX researcher to learn design terms and concepts. Here is my initial concept for a banner illustration and three spot illustrations. 

Speaking Design - Banner Sketch.jpg

I wanted to call out the main title of the article on a piece of drafting paper with design and art making tools surrounding it. Okay, I know what you're thinking. UX designers probably don't use these tools to create websites and apps. BUT for a UX researcher the idea of design is so ambiguous that I wanted it to be as inviting as possible. Plus, we've all seen those stock images of what "design" looks like. This is something different. 

Here are the raw scans of my graphite lines and textures for this assignment. You can see that I drew everything out with lines. Everything. The second image is an overlay of shapes and textures. These are the good bits that I use instead of flat digital shapes. The third image is the wood grain texture I used in the background. 

Speaking Design Banner.jpg

The final images are a colorful mix of hand drawn line, shape and texture. You can see the subtle instances where I blended hard digital shapes with the graphite shapes and textures I created in my second drawing. The result is a fun and inviting set of images for a big and overwhelming topic.